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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Take On The Last Pages of Catwoman #1 [Spoiler Alert!]

This comic book has been the most talked about last week. I'm not going to describe what made a lot of people mad, and just show you the images:

So its Batman and Catwoman getting jiggy with it. Big deal.

Folks, this is the new Catwoman. And the idea of an independent and strong woman who knows what she wants, totally in control is nothing but SEXY and most importantly, ADMIRABLE and RESPECTABLE as far as I'm concerned (come on people... its 2011. Its time to get over these kinds of things. sheesh). Finally, this particular scene(s) or comic book is not a direct statement that says: women are just sex objects or anything of that nature in my point of view.

Try to look at it this way: These are two fucked up characters who maybe have problems when it comes to experiencing REAL intimacy. Batman for one, is one of the most 'effed up guys in comics and he has a problem with having a real relationship ever since he saw his mother killed right in front of his eyes. The said can also be said of Selina, who in the earlier incarnations, is a battered girlfriend who is also working as a call girl/prostitute in order to survive.

That's maybe the reason why they're always seem perfect for each other and that's also maybe - just maybe - why "the costumes stay on" in the final scene. It s probably some kind of symbolism that the writer used for what I have mentioned above. 

Plus, this is the goddamn Batman involved. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HUMAN. This scene is a reflection of that. The same can be said of Catwoman.What's wrong with depicting something that normal humans do? Knowing that heroes can take a day off and succumb to their inner desires and show vulnerabilities I believe, is a good thing. Makes them more relatable to us, the readers.

So in my perspective, these scenes provide a deeper insight to the relationship and mindsets of these two legendary characters, and is something not to be taken as pure pandering that destroys both Batman and Catwoman, or even as a way of disrespecting women.

Was it racy? Yes, probably to some extent, but to say that the book was 100% focused on tits, asses, sex, and that it is complete garbage is unfair.

And besides, if you don't like a certain book - then don't buy them. Stop supporting them.There are tons of other good DC books out there like Wonder Woman and Batwoman.  Spend money on those that you like.

Finally, if you are worried about the children who might read this - please take note that at the cover there is a picture that says "Teen Plus". Ask yourself why was it put there.

Comments are welcome.

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