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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marvel Expands To The Original Graphic Novel Line With 'Season One' Books

Sure, Marvel is beating rival DC in terms of monthly comic book titles, but they're pretty much mediocre when it comes to creating and publishing original graphic novels, where DC is really really kicking some ass. Just check out the success of DC's most recent OGN: Superman Earth One, which topped the New York Times Bestsellers List for graphic novels for more than 10 weeks.

So in that light, Marvel has decided to push their luck in that department, with their 'Season One' line of books, which will re-tell the origins of their most popular characters starting with X:Men, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Some of the titles will be released starting  February 2012.

Check out the covers for the aforementioned titles by Julian Totino:

X-Men Season One by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie

Daredevil Season One by Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves

Spider-Man Season One by Cullen Bunn and Neil Edwards

Fantastic Four Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" Movie Stills

Love it or hate it, Nicholas Cage's head will be set on fire again in 2012 when we comes back as Marvel's Ghost Rider in the sequel to the first GR film that was pretty much hated by many.  I actually liked the first one for some reason even though it was crap storywise and villain-wise (a foggy Blackheart anyone?).

Anyway, Spirit of Vengeance looks like to be a much better one though based on these pictures courtesy of Empire and BleedingCool. Check them out: 

Click images for biggies:

That last picture is bad-ass. I wanna see this.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is scheduled for a February 2012 release. Stars Nic Cage, Idris Elba and Christopher Lambert.

"The Avengers" Teaser-For-A-Teaser Clip

I haven't watched Captain America yet, but I'm excited to see it and a high-def version of the blurry post-end credits that was leaked to the net a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm even more excited to see the movie because of this new 48-second clip that teases... well, Marvel's teaser trailer for the 2012 flick The Avengers.

Remember last week that I said that I won't be looking at some of these spoilers kind of videos, and I'm staying true to my word. I didn't watch the whole thing, but I did see 5 seconds of the clip and I know exactly what it is:

Its Steve Rogers/Captain America running outside Times Square in New York City after waking up from a 50-year "coma" (suspended animation) after being fished out of the Arctic waters encased in a freaking block of ice.

[via Spinoff and Yahoo! Movies]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Are We Going To See the "Proton Cannon" In The Iron Man Films?

The Proton Cannon
One friend asked me regarding this one, and I just laughed at it.

Anybody who has played Marvel vs Capcom certainly knows what the Proton Cannon is: its the uber-big sucka that comes outta nowhere via a hologram of some sort used by Iron Man to exterminate his enemies right out of the face of God's green earth. And from the looks of it, its a pretty-bad ass weapon. 

As Justin Hammer said in Iron Man 2: "it has the ability to bust the bunker under the bunker you just busted."  Yeah, that sums it up. 

Here's the cannon in action: 

I know what you're thinking. You wanna see this damn thing in the movies. While that might sound a very good idea and good looking on the screen, I don't think it will happen. 

Marvel Studios has the Iron Man franchise pegged on to "reality" - meaning, they're trying their very best to make it as realistic as possible. Can a superior tech like this help any future Iron Man film gig in doing that? 

I don't think so.

But then I may be wrong too. We might see this in Iron Man 3. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Graphic Novel Review: Batman - "Gotham By Gaslight"

Written by Brian Augustyn
Art by Mike Mignola
Inks by P. Craig Russell
Published by DC Comics

Time for some old graphic novels folks, and this one I picked up from the grave is one that was published months before I was born. 

Published in February 1989,  Batman: Gotham By Gaslight is an Elseworld story that re-imagines the whole Batman mythos in the year 1889, pitting the Caped Crusader himself up against a slick and dreaded opponent who stalks and kills women in the shadows... the famed Jack The Ripper

Written by  Brian Augustyn, the story is a straightforward mystery-detective thriller set in the late 1800s steampunk age, designed by Augustyn to keep readers engaged in its rich, history-influenced plot, while making them guess until the big finale.

Gambit Cosplayer Plays His Cards Right

Click for biggie:

Who ever this guy is - well damn, he's the most bad-ass Gambit I have ever seen! Can't go wrong with the black eyes and that purple lighting. Simply awesome.

DC New 52 Preview: Aquaman #1

Here's a 4-page preview of the Geoff Johns' and Ivan Reis re-imagining of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, out in stores in September:

Images courtesy of BleedingCool via Hollywood Reporter

Aquaman looks bad-ass here, the costume looks great, and he's kind of respected just like any other superhero. What's not to like? Awesome Geoff. I'm sold on this one. 

What's nice about this is that Geoff nailed the whole thing with that  "you need a glass o' water or somethin?" line, then Reis follows it up with a panel that's ridiculously spot on. Can't beat that.

Never thought I would say this with Aquaman - but I like him now after seeing this preview. And that's coming from a guy who never liked Aquaman.

Avengers Assembled: Concept Art Images For "The Avengers" Summer Flick

We have been anxiously waiting for these guys to get together on the silver screen, and while it may take a little bit longer for us to see that, here is the complete roster featuring Nick Fury with Agent Coulson and Maria Hill, Hawkeye, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America each in their conceptualized art imagery courtesy of Ryan Meinerding. 


Question now is, who's going to be the villain?

If Director Josh Whedon would follow the Ultimate's storyline "Superhuman" - it would be interesting to see everybody fight the big bad green monster... the Hulk. Man, that will be awesome. Explosions and chaos everywhere, each of them getting a shot at the ravaging crazy monster, with Thor thumping his ass in the end. 

Sounds cool?

A Little Fan Sign From Invisible Woman!

...well, its from someone cosplaying as Invisible Woman (Sue Storm): "Cosplay Extraordinaire" Tanya Tate from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

Nice seeing this greeting in my email when I woke up from a bad day of fever and flu.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Scene In "Superman: Returns"... And Its Not Even In The Movie

Yes. There's a deleted scene in the film which should have been included by director Bryan Singer. The scene shows Superman (played by the perfectly casted Brandon Routh) in his Kryptonian ship traveling into the barren-wastelands of his former home - Krypton - filled with radioactive rocks better known as kryptonite: the only known substance that could weaken, hurt and even kill the Man of Steel.

This to me, is the best scene in the film, had it been included by Singer. Imagine seeing this instead of the boring narrative introduction and Krypton blowing all of a sudden. Superman Returns would have been better.

Oh well, at least you can still watch the deleted scene below:

[from ComicsAlliance via ToplessRobot]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Official Trailer Is Here!

Watch the new Peter Parker/Spidey crawl onto walls, and jump over skyscrapers. Contains footage of what seems to be another origin story, and some shots of Peter and Gwen Stacy - played by Emma Stone - who looks like a John Romita drawing that came out straight from the comic books.

The Amazing Spider-Man is directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield in the lead role. Scheduled for a 2012 release.

Threesome Art - 07/21/2011: "Superheroines In Art Noveau "

I came across this beautiful art style caleld "Art Noveau" while I was browsing for some classic architectural designs online. I was so immersed in the beauty of this style that I started searching its meaning and who pioneered it. Wikipedia says:
"Art Nouveau is an international philosophy[2] and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that were most popular during 1890–1905. 
A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it is characterised by organic-- especially floral and other plant-inspired-- motifs, as well as very stylised, flowing curvilinear forms.[4] Art Nouveau is a philosophy of design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of ordinary life."
Alphonse Mucha is credited as the pioneer of this unique art style.
Now that we got that intro out of the way, let's take a look at three beautiful superheroines in embedded in Art Noveau:

Selina Kyle by Alfonso Pardo Martinez

This is a very nice tribute both Adam Hughes and Mucha. Hughes is the one who originally depicted Selina Kyle/Catwoman as legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, and the Pardo Martinez (the artist of this deviant) was able to create an exact replica of that, matching Hughes' distinct pin-up style then filling it up with a perfect match of a  blue and purple backdrop that compliments the flowers and stars. Gorgeous piece.

Wonder Woman by Karen Zachary Wang

Another nice pin-up here by Karen, partnered with a green-fading-to-orange background combination that enables Wonder Woman to shine and be emphasized more. The strong, confident pose is a perfect choice, showing what "girl power" truly means - which is basically everything that Diana stands for, together truth, justice and liberty. 

Supergirl by ~yeso

And finally, probably my most favorite among the three (albeit a little bit biased since I have this certain favoritism for Kryptonians.. except for Zod).

I like the washed-up colors on this and that's what makes this truly stand out. Nice pink motif for the whole art, and the sexy pose is also noteworthy, with Supergirl looking something out in the sky. The Daily Planet serving as a backdrop makes it clear that Kara is in Metropolis, and finally the "El" crest arranged in circles - both great nods to the Superman mythology.

All of these images vary in styles and perspectives, but no matter what their differences maybe, every single one of them are mouth-wateringly beautiful. I wish I could get a poster of one of these and hang it over my wall. That would be awesome. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Weekend Recap - 07.19.2011 - The Magical Finale and More Zombie Thumping... Soon!

It was a nostaglic and bittersweet ride this weekend, mainly because of the ending of the beloved Harry Potter franchise via the last film - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. 

Nostalgic because as I was watching the film, I remember all those 10 years worth of movies and memories, seeing all these actors grow up (literally), and enjoying every bit of the magical ride. But then as I walked out of the darkened movie halls, I felt a bit sad because I won't be seeing Harry, Hermione, and Ron EVER again.

And that means we won't see them for good. Gone are the wands, the magical encantations (my favorite spell was "Expecto Patronum!"), and the Hogwarts Express... all of it.  

It was the perfect ending to a once-in-a-lifetime movie franchise and one that will never be duplicated. And I am thankful to be one of those people who have witnessed - no, not just witnessed - but experienced a one-in-a-million journey... in a world where everything is possible with a flick of a wand. I'm gonna miss it.

But I'm gonna miss Emma more than anything else.


I was over with the Harry Potter fever after a day, and immediately got to my DVD store and bought the complete Season 1 of AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" - based on the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard - which is one of my comic book series  of all time along with Bill Willingham's Fables.

12 chapters and an explosive season 1 finale, I want more of this series. Its such a shame that I would have to wait for October for Season 2. 

Glad I found a way to quench that thirst, with an exclusive Walking Dead Comic-Con poster and a preview clip that shows a hardcore Rick Grimes laying the smackdown on two helpless roamers. 

I like the fact that the next season could be going into a more dark corner in our character's minds, for it is the main element that made the comic books such a hit due to its many unforgettable scenes. I can't wait to see how would they translate the most bone-chilling moments in the comics into the TV screen. Darker, bloodier and better than ever.

Latest Comic Book Reviews (07.19.2011): Wolverine #12 & American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2

I'm still intrigued with Aaron's Wolverine although has the same taste for 3 consecutive issues, and the team of Snyder and Murphy continues to impress me with their AV project that I'm wanting to see a live-action series or film based on the comic. *sigh* I can only dream.

All of my reviews after the jump. 

Emma Frost "Nipple-Slip"?

Let's us see what the fanboys are arguing about. Here's the image of Emma's alleged nipple slip in the latest issue of Wolverine: The Best There Is:

As much as I want to see Emma Frost in the nude, this image clearly shows nothing, except for her a portion of her thong and her sexy bod.

And to those who think that a nipple is showing out in the open - you're dead wrong. Its her hair curl for pete's sakes. Get over it.

Can't believe that there are people who still haven't seen a nipple.

5 Facts You Need To Know About The New Action Comics #1

Official cover of Action Comics #1

As reported yesterday from The Source and New York Times, here are 5 facts you need to know about the new Action Comics #1 - asides from Superman wearing a tee, jeans, boots, and a short red cape:

  • Story is set 4 years in the past, and will tell readers how the became the world's first superhero.

  • Superman will be a "street-level defender who defends the ordinary man and woman."

  • The character has more angst... and is more brooding (Earth-One reference?)

  • He doesn't have the ability to fly yet, and he will be seen leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

and finally...
  • Superman is single and never married.

Sounds good to me.

Action Comics #1 is written by Grant Morrison with art by Rags Morales.

Batman vs Bane & A Hospitalized Jim Gordon Seen In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Premiere Trailer

This is what we've been waiting for folks. Only small details about the film, but damn its real good.

What happened to Jim Gordon? Why is he hospitalized?

And Batman looking afraid and backing away from a hulking guy?


Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Thoughts: The Problem With Teaser Pics and Gazillion TV Spots

In today's uber-interactive world where just everything can be shared online, people get a glimpse of many trailers, teaser pics and TV spots of a specific movie even before it hits theaters. 

The problem with this is that it SPOILS the excitement and the mystery of the film, and when we finally get to watch the movie we often feel like we didn't see anything new or surprising. 

We don't feel satisfied unlike the good ol days where trailers are only shown twice, and nobody's leaking out commercials and exclusive set pictures. People get to enjoy the thrill of knowing absolutely nothing about the movie and as a result, people get to enjoy the film more.

While getting the first peek sounds really cool, it doesn't really help viewers in the long run so with that said, I have decided not to click too much on links that leakout information, pictures, and videos on a certain film - especially with superhero movies. In short, I'm gonna do myself a favor and do some damage control.

I may watch a two trailers and look at a few pics here and there, but if I think something is going to spoil me big time... nah, I'm gonna forget about it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mari Kasurinen's Pop-Culture Ponies Rock The Lasso, Cowl and Cape

For those animal lovers out there - particularly the horse loving ones - I'm sure you'll definitely like Mari Kasurinen's specially designed ponies that represent figures from pop-culture that is reminiscent of the Hello Kitty series of Joseph Senior

Kasurinen's designs are really adorable, and they stay true to their real-life counterparts like musicians, movie characters, and even comic book superheroes/villains. 

Check some of the Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman & Robin, Joker, and Catwoman ponies after the jump, and more of her other creations on this website:

(Thanks to my friend Marge for the tip!) 

Latest Comic Book Reviews (07.14.2011): Red Skull: Incarnate & Captain America #1

Marvel's greatest villain (and Captain America's arch enemy) gets his own origin series and a new #1 starring the Captain of all Captains. I can't be more thrilled sharing my thoughts on both of these incredible titles.

All of my reviews after the jump.

Two Exclusive Photos Of The New Spider-Man Shows Detailed Costume

Andrew Garfield is gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly rocking the new Spidey costume (via ComicBookMovie):

Few comments: the new suit looks cool with all that design, but it looks kinda dirty all the time don't you think? And everybody is thinking that the costume is made out of basketball leather - or something of that type - and I agree with them.

I like Andrew's skinny physique though, he captures that Ultimate Spidey feel.

And finally, here's an nice close up image (from BleedingCool via Geek Tyrant) that shows the head and chest part of the "dirty" suit:

 Looks really cool despite the dark patches. 

The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to be released on July 3 2012.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comic-Con Souvenir Book Cover By Jim Lee Feautring The Justice League

I'm sure you'll immediately notice something here:

Its Wonder Woman in pants!!! Woohoo!!! Dig this.

But at the same time this may cause confusion to some as to what Diana will really look like come September - but I'm pretty sure they will do the bare-legged version. You just gotta love DC.

Anyway this souvenir book will be FREE for people who attends the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 On July 21-24. I don't know if its for everbody or for a select number of people to be determined via a "first come first serve" basis, though.

[via ComicBookResources]

Cover Of DC's "New 52" Free Preview Book Shows Sinestro and A Bare-Legged Wonder Woman

This just in from The Source: the cover for the preview book promoting their "NEW 52" titles that will be available for free via your local comic ships on July 20 and  on the day of the International San Diego Comic Con.  

Here is the enlarged image:

Sorry for those GL fans who might have been spoiled by that Sinestro picture at the bottom, but yes, its confirmed - Sinestro will be a member of the GL Corps (again) in Green Lantern #1. Villain for years, now part of the gang once more. But I'm pretty sure he will be a bad guy eventually. Sinestro is such an ass that Johns has no choice but to make him wear the yellow. Interesting idea though, I have to admit.

But GL spoilers aside, here's another interesting thought on that cover. See that Wonder Woman image at the top? Okay...let's compare that with the first version of the image released months ago:

If ya'll remember - the Cliff Chiang's original art for WW #1 had that leggings. Now based on that cover, its now gone. Looks like Diana's back with her classic bare-legged attire, and that she's actually okay with the idea of getting her Themiscyran legs getting wounded. 

With that said, I think its better to have that leggings on. What do you think?

Witness The Beginning: Batman: Year One Animated Film Trailer

DVD Box art for Batman: Year One
Finally, the story of how the greatest crime fighter this world came about is going to be told  in an animated feature film by Warner Bros and DC Comics as part of their DC Universe Animated Original Movies that includes titles like:  Green Lantern: First Flight, Justice League: The New Frontier, Batman: Gotham Knight, Superman: Doomsday and the most recent All-Star Superman direct-to-DVD films.

The film is based on the classic 1987 story arc written by Frank Miller with art by David Mazzucchelli that appeared in Batman issues #404-407. Its an origin story, mainly telling the whole origin of how Bruce Wayne became the Caped Crusader starting from the murder of his parents up to his first adventures as Gotham's heroic outlaw.

Batman: Year One is memorable because of its realistic depiction of its characters (notably Jim Gordon) and based on the trailer, it looks like the animation studio decided to keep that element in the film while mimicking Mazzuchelli's old-school art in the process.

I'm sure this film will be awesome. Another wonderful addition to my DC collection. Check out the trailer below.

Batman: Year One has a scheduled release date of October 2011. 

[video via ComicVine and DVD art from JustPressPlay]