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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jill "The Nerdy Bird" Pantozzi Wants To Help DC Fix Its Social Media Problem

The Nerdy Bird - Jill Pantozzi
Yes you read it right.

Jill mentions on her column at Newsarama about DC's failure at taking advantage of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand unlike their rival Marvel Comics - who happens to have hired two hardcore Marvel fans to take care of their social media endeavors and talk to other fans  for a better interactive experience - and that they need to do something in order to accomplish it.

She actually has a "simple" suggestion for DC:

Hire her as their Social Media Darling.

Yeah that's pretty bold of her to say right at DC - but you know what? The idea of Jill Pantozzi's pretty face around DC's social media platforms interacting to other DC fans thru Twitter, FB and video blogs is an AWESOME IDEA. I couldn't even express how GREAT this is if it happens.

Let's face the facts. If you know The Nerdy Bird, then you're definitely aware that she's known all over the comic book world because of her write-ups on her blog, Newsarama, and on MTV's Splashpage.

Add to that the fact that she's a hardcore comic book and DC fan, (she literally breathes DC Comics like air) she definitely knows what she's talking about, and finally, the indisputable truth that she. really. looks. damn. good. Just take a look at her in this video review of "Green Lantern" (or google image her):

Now, who doesn't want to tweet to a bubbly, sweet and beautiful chick like that about comic books and just get their geek on? 

I'm sure a lot of DC (and comic book fans in general) would love to spend time on the talking with her. 

I know DC has a tendency to ignore their female demographic - but here's one guy hoping that Jill's shout-out would be noticed and come true.

DC just can't go wrong with hiring The Nerdy Bird to be their social media goddess. She would be a wonderful addition to their team. 

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