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Monday, March 5, 2012


Big Red Cheeze no more. And looks more like... Ezio Auditore?

Just kidding. I like the new style and the idea of this guy's powers rooted more into sorcery and magic. Fits him very well.

"Nothing is true... Everything is permitted. *KRAKOOM!"
Art by Gary Frank

It would be interesting as to how Geoff Johns will solve the "introductory problems" when the time has come for him to let the Justice League know his name.

Captain Mar... er, Shazam will "debut" in Justice League #7 to be released on March 21.

Full interview transcript can be read via the NEW YORK POST.

Panel Of The Week - 03.05.2012 - "Its a Bird! Its a Plane!"

There are so many great panels this week, but I'm biased on this one just because I frickin' love Supes no matter how sucky his recent books have been (except for Action), and also due to the fact that Superman felt like Superman this time around in this marvelous double page spread from JL # 6: 

Turn on the John Williams' Superman theme for full effect.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Earth 2 Superman Design Is Better Than DCnU Supes!

You may very well heard about the Earth 2 initiative by DC now and whether you like it or not, its gonna happen folks. I'm not here to talk about that though (but it does pose a very interesting argument), but instead, i'm here to talk about this Earth 2 Supes design by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee:

Holy smokes, this is looks a LOT better than the collared and uber-piped Supes costume in the DCnU. It pays homage to the old suit, the All-Star Superman suit, its got a nice yellow thingy with the belt which is nice, and finally Lee's twist to the iconic logo is superb here. Wonder why he didn't thought of this before. 

But wait there's one more thing! Its those annoying pointy boot designs. He's not Batman, and those pointy stuff doesn't fit the bill. I suggest go for the traditional boots or anything and completely avoid the ugly boot logos. 

By the way, even though i think that the Earth 2 concept contradicts DC's new 52 goal - I'm pretty excited for  the Earth 2 and World's Finest books coming out in May - just because maybe they can cook up some good Superman stories with that setup. DcNU Supes kind of sucks, especially the current on going. Its a shame.