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Friday, October 22, 2010

Comic Book Review: Kingdom Come

Familiar right? You've heard the phrase in the Bible a million times and you even  say it in your everyday prayers (assuming you pray). But we're not gonna talk about religion here, because  I don't want to discuss anything about that convoluted subject, and plus were not here to argue with each other. LOL . Ok, back to the show - this is a review (obviously) of another DC comic book named Kingdom Come, 4 issue comic book published in 1996 by DC Comics and is written by Mark Waid with the art done by Alex Ross. And here folks is the absolutely stunning cover art by the superstar painter:

 (image courtesy of DC Comics)

As you can see from the cover, this is not your ordinary superhero comic book. The artist does an exceptional job of painting these superheroes in great detail, from the eyes, built, wrinkles, to the emotions that they express in the story. Nobody illustrates superheroes like Alex Ross, and i mean, no one. He draws and paints them in a realistic kind of way, and it is as real & good as you can possibly get. Obviously I like his take on Supes right here he is quite older than what we see in the comics continuity, with strands of white hair on the sides.

You're maybe asking why is that. It is because the story is set some 20 years in the future of the DC Universe at the time. Mark Waid plays with the idea of a growing animosity and conflict between the old-timers or traditional superheroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc) and a group of new superheroes or what they call "metahumans" who are dangerously irresponsible and rampant, led by a new "hero" named Magog. I'll stop right there because it would be ugly if I tell the whole story here. And continue reading, you might be in for a real treat at the end of this review.

I forgot to mention, that the story too shouts of the Bible, especially the Apocalypse, Armageddon (or whatever you wanna call it), similar to the Book of Revelation and believe it or not, the main character of the story is not Superman or Batman.. or any superhero. It is an elderly human... a pastor named Norman McCay who also narrates the story and the events as they unfold before your very eyes, so you, the reader is kinda watching with him as well as the battle of the Titans builds up.

Another important thing I would like to comment on is that I believe that the whole novel is some sort of potshot at the gritty and dark comic book stories of the 80s - such as the Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and Watchmen to name a few - and serves a vessel of Ross' and Waid's commentary on it. Its like they're saying: "hey, we're tried of all the chaos and darkness running around here for a while, so let's bring back the light-hearted and hopeful tone of comic books and these classic heroes". 

In totality, Kingdom Come is an awesome read with the big blowout being the artwork You just can't miss this. 5/5. 

Luckily, for those who are not able to download comics over the internet, or buy a trade paperback of this book, a guy on Youtube under the username of mglittlerobin decided to make a visual audiobook of this classic story for a person who has an obsessive compulsive disorder. Now that's very nice. The voice acting is perfect, and the narration is smooth, and it perfectly reflects the comic book so its a definite watch on Youtube. Check out part 1 and follow the rest on YT, or you can buy it directly from Amazon and support them: - Kingdom Come Audiobook

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