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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Excited for Superman: Earth One!

Today is a big day for Superman fans (including me) because today marks the release of the newest Superman comic book novel titled: Superman: Earth One - written by J. Michael Straczynski with illustrations by Shane Davis.

From the previews that I read, JMS tells an entirely new Superman origin based on the idea: What if The Man of Steel is introduced in the modern world? What would he look like?

This new concept re-explores the hero's origins and transformation from a 21 year old teen from Smallville into the greatest hero this world has ever known - Superman. Setting his foot for the first time in modern day Metropolis, he ponders on what he really wants to do with his life with all those amazing powers. Should he become a successful athlete? A business man? A renowned newspaper writer? Those are the questions that will be answered in this one shot issue.
Shane Davis' art shows a completely new Superman for a new generation. We won't see any of that old school Clark Kent look that we already know and loved over the years. No disrespect to loyal Christopher Reeve fans (I grew up watching him too), but I think its refreshing to see a new "look" for our beloved superhero. Kind of brooding, no more spit curl, new design on the iconic red and blue uniform and finally, should I say... emo and Twilight type? Anyway, I'm still excited to read this book, and this better not disappoint.
Check out the preview pictures below courtesy of DC comics and Comic Book Resources and see for yourself:

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