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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hoy Pinoy Webcomic: 'How To Kill A Flying Ipis' (How To Kill A Flying Cockroach)

I am a Filipino and it is a shame for to me to just cover Western Comics here on my blog so I thought, "Why don't I show some love for Filipino comics or webcomics?". Typed a couple of letters and told Mr. Google to search for a good Pinoy (slang for Filipino) webcomic out there.

Tada! Found and he's got a nice looking site with ramblings and some nice webcomics. I particularly liked his scientific take on how to kill a flying cockroach while using the laws of physics, like it was solving a worded math problem. Genius. The webcomic is in my native Tagalog language, but I will try to translate for you.


Rough Tagalog translation: papaano patayin ang isang lumilipad na ipis? eto na ang kasagutan para sa inyong mga takot sa nakakarimarim na insektong ito. siguradong makakatipid kayo sa Baygon. At huwag kalimutang bisitahin ang nabanggit na websayt.

Pindutin ang dyamp link para sa mga litrato. (Click on the jump to see more)

Things we need to kill a flying cockroach: sandals (the main weapon), paper (you will use that to pick up the dead insect), and finally a rag (which doesn't need any explanation unless you are a moron).

Step 1: Wait for the right time to strike for the kill. Focus and do not be afraid.

Step 2: Predict the flight trajectory of the vermin. You can use the angles and formulas above to make your mission easier.
Step 3: Once you have calculated the roach's location, use all your enhanced reflexes to swat the roach out of the face of the earth. Scream "Ahooo! Ahooo!" if successful.


  1. Hello! I'm happy to find that someone's actually reading my webcomic. Correction lang po, I'm a girl, not a guy. Yeah, we can be geeks, too. ;)

  2. hey! that makes it even more cooler! agree, girls can kick-some ass too. you should be doing more of these webcomics often. ;)