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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonder Woman TV Show In The Works

So after years of speculation, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman will hit our TV screens after all. NBC has just confirmed that they will produce the show starring our beloved Amazon superheroine. That's good news for all those who have been waiting to see her in live-action TV ala-Smallville.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the show would be come Smallville-ish, but there is a possibility. After all, its a superhero themed show. But what if I tell you that NBC is planning on a different and "modern" take on this classic DC heroine? According to Deadline Hollywood, they are going to do a "reinvention" of the character and that means making her a vigilante crime fighter in LA all while being a successful corporate executive who's trying to balance her crazy dual-identity life.

 Hmmm... So Diana is no longer an Amazon, but a Punisher-like character who kicks punk-asses in Los Angeles? Kind of skeptical about that, but I like the planned twist on the story.  Let us see how that fares. What do you think folks? Does that sound a 'yay' to you?

[Special thanks to Comic Vine for the news]


  1. i a more curious about the lucky actress who will be playing the role. maybe because di ko talaga nasundan ang story ni wonder woman so i'm not sure what to expect.

  2. yan din iniisip ko. sino kaya. i'll keep an eye on that. ;)

  3. baka pwede na ko mag-audition? hahahaha... choz! feelingera mode. sana si megan fox na lang, i like her, i think she has the sex appeal to play wonder woman. by the way, i thought they'll be releasing a wonder woman movie? so i take it the plans had been shelved?

  4. you've got the looks. you just need a very very nice costume. haha. anyway, yup, the planned movie was shelved. i guess they want to try it out with a tv show to see how it fares. that's always been the thing with superheros - they had tv shows first before the big films.

  5. actually sups what i need is a really really good plastic surgeon to give me a wonder woman-like body hahaha...

    speaking of movies, what about a new superman flick? why didn't they make a follow-up after releasing superman returns? tagal na nun ah, 2006 pa yun diba. buti pa si jed err.. i mean spiderman nakatatlo na and they're about to release a fourth pa.

  6. the new superman flick is going to be released on 2012. zack snyder has been chosen to be the director, but no cast members yet. haven't made a post on it yet because its just on its pre-production stages. once an actor is announced to play superman, then I'll put it here.

    i have put the new spidey costume here somewhere. more updates to come.