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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Talk: My Take On The 2012 Superman Film, Wishing For A Supes' Costume Tweak and More....

Image courtesy of DC Direct

Alright, let's go down to some Superman shall we? Haven't created a single Superman entry since my comic book review about All-Star Superman and its direct to DVD animation (which is going to come out in February) so I think this article is just in time (and my friend Marj is asking me a lot of questions so I attempt to answer all of them here).

So, it has been announced way back last month that Zack Snyder (director of Watchmen, 300 and the upcoming Sucker Punch) will direct the new 2012 Superman film under the production and writing of Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Inception, The Dark Knight) and David Goyer respectively.  according to an interview with Hero Complex, Nolan stated that they've got brilliant ideas for the new flick which will be a complete reboot of the whole franchise - after Brian Singer's 2006 Superman Returns failed to meet expectations.

I've got no problem with Nolan and Snyder teaming up to do this for I think that Nolan is a great director, and the same can be said for the latter. I have watched all of their films and I loved them all. David Goyer's script writing is also a thing of beauty and it worked obviously on both of Nolan's Batman films so I can't complain anything at all with this team that WB put up. I really think it was the most logical thing to do. and makes me wish nothing but the best for the revival of the greatest superhero with these men on the forefront.

I have also read somewhere that an idea was pitched about doing a trilogy just like the Godfather films, chronicling the life of Superman right from his birth and escape from the doomed Planet Krypton, up to his final years and death as the Earth's sun begins to supernova. Unfortunately, this idea was eventually scrapped.

They were also thinking of making Superman almost "an angry god" at one point in the film, possibly an attempt to show the Man of Steel's other side that we don't usually see. A brooding, dark, angry Superman.

Let us see how would a bad-ass Superman would look like... hmmm... maybe this very cool cinematic trailer from DC Universe Online would do it for you (Bad-ass Supes starts on the 3:30 mark):


Now let's talk costume. I really believe that Superman's red tights should be removed and that creators should design a slightly updated version of it. One good reason is to enable Superman to be "relatable" to the new generation of fans, because in these day and age, wearing your briefs outside your pants is not a good thing anymore. Second, because of the sole reason that the Man of Steel would rock without the tights on. Seriously.

Check out these costume designs from the cancelled Superman film titled Superman: Flyby (supposed to be directed by JJ Abrams) - which was supposed to be the film that would revive the franchise more than 5 years ago, before they scratched it, only to eventually ask Singer to create Superman Returns. The concept art by Steve Johnson could make great ideas for Kal-El's new costume... if they would ever decide to tweak it:

[Thanks to Comics Alliance for these photos]

I have to say these are pretty easy on the eyes and they are familiar - meaning, they don't stray too far away from the iconic red and blue costume. Maybe except for the beaded belt, every single art is a good candidate for a new Supes garb.

Then there is another one that I particularly liked from an artist from deviantArt that totally reeks of coolness( I totally forgot his name so please if you know his name or deviant handle, feel free to let me know):

I love the Kryptonese-designed belt and how his cape is no longer tucked under his shoulders. And again, no tights. Now imagine that being in the movie and we've got a complete Superman film revival that we should be all looking forward to.


Finally, there's the hunt for the actor to play Superman. Who is going to be the lucky guy? I bet they are going to stick with the time honored tradition of choosing an unknown actor just like what WB did with casting Christopher Reeve n the first ever Superman flick that started the whole superhero film genre. It worked out again in 2006 by casting another unknown in Brandon Routh and so I think the magic could work again.

Personally, I would like Routh to give it a shot once more. He played Clark/Superman in Superman Returns just fine and I believe he can do better the 2nd time around with a great production team. He's going to be a perfect fit. But then again, its not for me or the fans to decide. 

And of course, a superhuman being needs a super-opponent. There had been rumors about putting Doomsday (the Kryptonian monster who killed Superman in the highly publicized 1992 comic book storyline "The Death of Superman") against Big Blue, as well as the uber-intelligent Brainiac. I would like to see Braniac in the future film only because the Doomsday thing is just getting old already,  and plus, the green skinned alien is the only one who could give Superman a hard time without ever getting into an Earth-pounding slugfest, which makes for a more interesting story as far as im concerned.

What do you think? Should they remove the tights? And should Routh be casted again to play Clark Kent and Superman? If you think otherwise, who should be chosen to portray our favorite Kryptonian?

[Thanks to Comic Vine and DC Wikia for the image of Brainiac and Doomsday]


  1. thanks for the update sups :)
    this is the first time i've seen superman without his red bikini err... i mean brief and i gotta say i'm totally digging the look.
    like you i am keeping my fingers crossed on routh, i totally loved this guy on superman returns, he is disarmingly handsome despite not having superman's square jaw.
    about a brooding superman... hmmm.. not sure i like the idea because then he would be no different from the real brooding hero, batman. i like superman the way he is.

  2. that's what I think as well about the brooding part. Superman can never be Batman, but it will be an interesting thing if we get to see Superman being a bad guy for a moment.

    more love for routh. i like him. and you should watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World if you haven't seen that one yet. he's there. glad to know he is sticking around the comic book world.

    and yeah, remove the briefs! LOL