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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ame-Comi Figures Featuring DC Babes

Never thought that toy companies are crossing over anime and DC heroines in their figurines, and to be honest it doesn't look too good. Ame-Comi can be called a disappointment for me. It just doesn't work out. Tomopop reviews this toy line and they've got some cool and not-so cool photos of DC heroines - including a Japanese version Wonder Woman holding the head of Medusa, a Batman/Spawn incarnate, and a awfully looking Power-Girl that has robotic arms like she was from Mortal Kombat.  (Check the complete article here.)

But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any cool looking anime-comic mashups. Check out more pictures after the jump for some of my favorites from their gallery:

I'm kind of biased on this. I like Supergirl and this sort of Magic Knight Rayearth thing they've got on her.

Wonder Girl's hippy pants while sporting the curves and rock-hard abs are just cool with me.

Nothing really special here with Harley Quinn, but it works.

I don't like Ivy's face here, but I love the detail on her suit and her plants.

Great take on Lady Steel here. Sporting that big hammer to match with her iron-clad armor.


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