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Monday, January 3, 2011

Straczynski Drops Writing Duties On Superman Monthly

Yes yes yes! It's finally over. J. Michael Straczynski finally gave up writing the monthly Superman comic book series and with that, ends one of the most boring Superman storylines (hopefully) that I have ever read my entire life.

The whole New Krypton Saga was kind of boring tooafter I finished it I should say , then JMS follows it up with his 'Grounded' story where he puts The Man of Steel literally on the ground by making him walk - that's right people - walk across the United States in order to make connections again to the people he swore to protect after being out of action for a long time because of he whole fiasco on New Krypton (If you haven't read that whole thing right from Superman: Last Son, then start reading it if you want to get updated on the latest happenings).

Superman walking on the streets meeting everyday people sounded like a good thing to me the first time, but it didn't really work out. Big Blue was once again delving into his patented self-pity routine, he's sad all the time and that really kills the magic of reading. Who wants to see Superman walking anyway? He's not made for that. He's made to fly, catch bullets, destroy villains to a pulp and fight some intergalactic monster for cripes sakes. 

Superman is at his best when he is action - whether its saving Lois Lane again and again, battling big bald Lex Luthor, or simply saving the world from every threat possible like it was his last day on Earth - but definitely not walking around like some depressed old man who questions his abilities. It's never going to work, and to be honest I stopped reading at Superman # 706 because of that.

Glad that JMS walked away from the monthly comic book series to concentrate on the sequel of Superman: Earth One and hopefully the new creative team would give a new fresh take on JMS' unfinished work and make Superman "super" once more. 

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