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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Ramblings: Golden Globes...The Walking Dead.., Car Dealers... Vigilantes... Allergies.. and Strange Weather

Its the 2nd week of the "allergic hell" that I'm into but I'm feeling better now, less itches, and the rashes are no longer bothering me that much. All it took was avoiding dairy products, egg, fish, chicken and foods of that nature because it triggers my body's allergic reaction. And thank goodness for Celestamine.  It really helped. But I wished that it had more than just 2mg.


The Golden Globes 2011. Crap, that High School Musical-copycat Glee stole the show. And I don't need to tell you that I don't like that freaking TV show, do I?

How about The Walking Dead walking away with nothing? Come on, this is one of the best zombie-drama flick we have ever seen since George Romero launched The Night of the Living Dead years ago and it doesn't get trophies? Ugh.


Killers posing as car buyers Car dealers getting butchered one by one. 3 incidents have already been recorded, same type of death - shot in the head, then burned until the lifeless body is unrecognizable. The cars? Not even touched.  It makes me sick to my stomach. How could these guys take lives like that - like they were killing some animal.

I just texted one of my buddies who happens to be in the car dealing business to keep safe. Its better to spread the word.

Maybe we need vigilantes more than ever now. Yeah, like Batman and The Punisher. The world is becoming practically unsafe by the day.


There are floods all over the world - from the Philippine provinces, up to our neighbors in Australia, and even up to the most deserted lands in Saudi Arabia. It seems like there is just so much water right now. Isn't it strange? Is this a clear evidence of "global warming" taking shape?

Mother Nature strikes and its like Noah's Ark all over again. 

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