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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Darna Lives On With Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre

I was never a fan of Darna. Really. Never ever. I thought that she was corny, and even a rip-off of another Western superheroine and all that.

But all of that changed after seeing a couple of comic book panels that spanned up to 9 pages. Yes. Fucking 9 pages is all it took for me to realize that the 64-year old character created by the great  Mars Ravelo was something that could be revived for the new generation of readers: with an all-original, imaginative storytelling from Gerry Alanguilan (Elmer, Timawa, Superman: Birthright) with the right mix of some clean and fresh art from Arnold Arre (that somehow reminded me some of Alan Moore's books before), Darna suddenly became a cool hero for me. She is fucking awesome! 

The sad part is, its just fan fiction and it ends there. Sobrang bitin talaga yung istorya. I don't know if they will continue doing it, but I really hope that the Ravelo Family will see Alanguilan and Arre's gorgeous work and maybe give them permission to continue. Sir Mars would be very proud. And I do believe that Gerry and Arnold can pull it off  and make Darna relevant again if given the chance.

Don't believe me? Check out the preview pictures below, but make sure to check out the whole thing at and show some love for their work and our own Pinoy superheroine. 

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