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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comic Book Review: Jimmy Olsen #1 (One Shot)

Jimmy Olsen #1 
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by RB Silva
Letters by Rob Leigh
Published by DC Comics

Jimmy Olsen was a character that I didn't really give a care about even before I was reading all these Superman titles. Sure, he is Superman's Pal and maybe one of this greatest sidekicks ever, but I really find him as uninteresting and boring. Something created just  for comic relief.

But that was before I even read this fucking genius of a comic book written by Nick Spencer. This whole, 71 page one shot clearly established the fact that one of the most recognizable non-powered sidekicks of all time could also be a star in his own right and carry his own - even without The Man Of Steel himself.

Compiling a series of over-the-top, crazy and sometimes out of this world stories, Spencer brings a lot of entertainment filled with some well-timed humor that would make you smirk and laugh. His dialogue is superb, the lines really written very well and thought-of, and he really knows when to deliver that particular punchline that is perfect for every scene. In short, there are no boring moments in Spencer's writing. Not only that, he also delivers a feel-good romantic comedy story amidst all the chaos that's guaranteed to make anyone smile and mushy. 

The titular character stands out here as someone that could handle himself at any situation, whether its dealing with very tough breakup with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Sullivan who, at the same time is dating a rich-LexCorp intern, convincing drunk space-aliens to leave Earth, talking to Djinnis, getting himself in a bachelor auction, dating a pretty but crazy sorceress from another dimension, thwarting a video game that threatens to control the world, or becoming Superman (yes he fucking did and its awesome)... Jimmy Olsen is no longer your ordinary Daily Planet photographer/push-over. Props to Nick Spencer for his awesome character development. He made the fucking photographer look cool. 

Chloe Sullivan  debuts in this comic book too, and after following Smallville for 10 years now and seeing her TV version every week, I would say that this version of her is nothing like the original, but in a good way. She is a perfect partner to Jimmy's stubborn , clumsy and jealous character as she is this confident, strong, always-ahead-of-everything and knows-what-she-wants-and-she's-gonna-get-it kind of woman, which sets up that whole romantic-comedy feel I'm talking about. Their chemistry is superb and entertaining to boot. 

Then we go to one of the other strong aspect of this issue which is the art of RB Silva. His pencils are clean and crisp, yet strong and very appealing. The way we illustrates each characters emotion and facial twitches is masterfully done too. And his version of Chloe Sullivan is absolutely fantastic. He nailed it right from the blonde hair, to the confident and sexy look, the outfits and even up to the tip of her toes. I love it. The letters of Rob Leigh as well is something to check out too as they compliment very well toe Silva's art that makes it all alive and scream of awesomeness. Add the terrific coloring too and you've got a real good eye candy right up from the cover to the last page. These guys really did a very good job in their own respective departments and hopefully we get to see more them in other projects.

To sum it up, this is one fun and satisfying read that everybody should get to see. One of the best comic books I have read in a while. Its so ridiculously good, that I want more!

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