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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie Review: Kick-Ass (Film)

Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Stars Aaron Johnson, Nicholas Cage, Chloe Moretz,
Lyndsy Fonseca and Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Distributed by Lionsgate and Universal Pictures

When I came home last Sunday, I bought a couple of DVDs with Kick-Ass on it. I haven't watched the film before and I knew right away that I had to buy that freaking dvd once I saw the movie logo.

Since this is the film adaptation, the movie pretty much follows the plot of the graphic novel by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr - which is a story of an ordinary guy wanting to be a superhero in the real world and what happens when you mess with thugs, criminals and the Cosa 'Fucking' Nostra (also known as the Mafia)  - except for a couple of tweaks that I thought "enhanced" the whole thing. You just can't go copy the source material in these kinds of adaptations because again - there are some elements in the comic book that would not work in a film. 

So Vaughn focused on the element that the original comic book didn't care much about so his movie would be more effective and cohesive: character development.

And truth be told, I was completely blown away by this change and I thought it was better than the source material. I like the twists in the plot - like Dave's relationship with Katie Deuxma turned out to be great unlike in the comics. It provided a romantic angle that basically counter-balanced the violent and down right cynical nature of the film.  And because of that, we got a nice sex scene , and a boobie grab moment that made me go "ooohh.. that was nice... *rapes the rewind button*" Seriously.

Big Daddy's background story was changed a bit and it was serious in the film version which was fine with me, because it added a genuine tone on it. I thought Nicholas Cage was fine with his portrayal and his line delivery is something that I really enjoyed. 

Aaron Johnson (Dave/Kick-Ass) did a good job with his character as well. I think he captured everything that Dave Lizewski and Kick-Ass is - a big loser with a bigger set of balls to do what he wants for a change.  Plus he's got that sex scene with the hot Lyndsy Fonseca (Katie) I was talking about and got to touch her breasts. How much cooler can you get?

As for Lyndsy herself? She totally kicked ass in the film. Hot damn. That's all I could fucking say. (*grabs some tissue*)

Oh I forgot Christopher Mintz who plays the Red Mist. His character was also changed to being a less of a villain into something a lot more hilarious compared to his comic book counterpart. He brought a couple of good laughs in this whole flick - especially in the final scene. 

But just like in the graphic novel, the real star in the film was Hit-Girl (played by Chloe Moretz). That 11 year old (at the time of filming) kid who swears and kills everybody in the film from start to finish. Damn she was real good. I wonder what her family felt when they watched the movie with their adorable little child saying things like "cunt", "pussy", "damn" and all these words that kids shouldn't be fucking up with. Anyway she killed the it! Its one of those portrayals where you go "what the fuck have i just seen?"after seeing it, and then you crave for more.

Finally, Kick-Ass has loads of great tracks that you can feast your ears upon. Cool rock tracks bumping inside your eardrums while you see all the hacking and slashing, gun fights, torture scenes, and everything in between.

So with all of that said and after all those paragraphs written, here's what I really wanted to say: the film was a real fuckin' treat. A lot of clean-fun violence and blood. It had some laughs and sad moments. Then a lot of badassery. Then more kick-ass. I'm gonna watch it again... with a special replay-pause-replay mode on Dave's stripping MILF english teacher, the backyard sex scene, and the boobie grab. Hahaha. Awesome.

I've got the trailer below for you to check out. If you haven't watched this movie yet because you think its too offensive - please give it a shot and ... do not take it too seriously if you do. You'll like it. I fucking swear.

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