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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are We Going To See Another Superman Origin Tale With 'The Man of Steel'?

I have seen several Superman origin stories in film and television - most notably the 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve and the long-running superhero TV show Smallville - and I have to admit, I'm pretty tired of seeing that. People already know about how the baby Kal-El arrived on Earth via a rocket ship/birthing matrix from a dying planet, how he was raised by the good 'ol Kents and all that stuff. Even the grandma's know how that origin story works for pete's sakes, so I believe that they shouldn't put that in full mode in the upcoming 2012 film.

But it may happen again. According to an interview by E! with actress Diane Lane (who was recently cast as Ma Kent), she already read David Goyer's script... and here's what she said:

"I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I'm really excited. I'm really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on."

Hopefully though they won't waste much time on telling the origin story for the 1 millionth time. Short flashbacks would be a great idea to convey that. I'm sure Zack Snyder has thought about that already (perfect example: the deleted 'Hollis Mason death scene' in Watchmen).

[from E! via Bleeding Cool]

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