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Friday, April 22, 2011

What's up with me lately...

Just another quickie with what I'm doing, watching, reading or whatever thing it is that probably you don't really give a damn about.


  • Pawn Stars (History Channel)
  • Top Shot (History Channel)
  • the NBA Playoffs - betting for the Lakers or Bulls to win. And I hate the Miami Heat. 

Yep, basketball and a couple of shows that are really that damn entertaining. Especially Pawn Stars. Where do you get to see a show where people go sell or pawn their antique stuff while talking a lot of historical bits about their items? Plus the interaction between the owners of the shop and its customers are cool and sometimes hilarious. A recent episode that I watched saw a guy trying to sell a life-sized Red Power Ranger and wants to get $800 for it. Damn man, who would want a freaking Power Ranger!?

Finished reading...

  • X-23: Innocence Lost (Marvel) - yes the review will come up soon. Nice story telling. A lot of substance.
  • Mouse Guard Winter of 1152 
  • Superior 1-4 (Icon/Marvel) - there are 6 issues in all, and I'm still waiting for the other 2 issues before I review the whole thing. Incredible book, by the way.
  • Superman 709 and 710
  • Steel # 1, Outsiders #37, JLA #55, and Superman/Batman Annual #5 (all part of the Reign of Doomsday crossover) - yes Doomsday's tearing all over the DC universe, and 1 more issue till he comes face to face with Superman, again! That gets me all fired up. 

I think that's pretty much it. A lot of comic books read in about 5 days. Not bad huh?

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