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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its so damn hot!

Its ridiculous here in the metro right now because its summer time and guess what, we've got a scorching, brain-draining heat wave going on here. About 30 degrees C for today I think.

Only had 5 hours of fucking sleep because of that. Sweet. 


On the other hand, it made me remember Johnny Storm. Yeah, the freaking Human Torch from the Fantastic Four.  If you don't know what happened to him, well... he  died fighting extraterrestrial aliens in Fantastic Four #587 and was replaced by your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man. I guess they can't think of any interesting roles for Torchy anymore. 

But I'll know he'll be back. Nobody dies in comics for so long except for a couple of guys, who are usually supporting characters. For example:  Uncle Ben (Peter Parker/Spiderman's uncle), Gwen Stacy (Spidey's first girlfriend), and Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce Wayne/Batman's parents) to name a few. 

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