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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goyer Short Story in Action Comics #900: Now A Major Headline!?

Variant Cover by Adam Hughes
Action Comics 900 hit the shelves recently and I just got a little bit "spoiled" I should say on this 90+ page milestone of a comic book after headlines surfaced from every major comic blog/site about a particular Superman story  by guest writer David Goyer (screenwriter of Batman Begins) about the Man of Steel himself - an American icon who fights for "Truth, Justice, and American Way" - "renouncing" his US citizenship. Yes, you read that right.

Comic book sites Bleeding Cool has just listed links from some of the biggest news networks and newspapers in the United States talking about the particular short story, while Comics Alliance posted a particular panel from the said storyline yesterday that had readers commenting like mad for the past 24 hours.  

I believe saw/read it yesterday with 36 comments. Now? 468. And counting. (You can click on the CA link above to see one of the panels that caused much outrage from some)

Its a BIG headline. Superman is making some noise. 

Not gonna comment on the citizenship issue because I'm not an American myself, but from a storyline standpoint: the move by the writer and DC is a good small step to kind of "modernize" Superman and make him much more "relatable" to the modern audience and to make him "fit" for today's world and its growing problems. Time to update the guy a little bit, because let's face it: its no longer just "black and white" nowadays.

There so many complexities involved when it comes to every issue and problem out there we hear or encounter today and with that said, Goyer's writing was a bold, yet very good way to revitalize to an icon who has been around for 70 years and - to painfully admit - is slowly dying, becoming more and more irrelevant each day. Hell, they made Batman go global now with Batman Incorporated, so why not apply that to Superman too? He is an illegal alien in the first place, and he has been fighting intergalactic space aliens and other monsters from the cosmos to save planet Earth... so I just don't see what the "OUTRAGE" was all about.

On the other hand, the short story by Goyer is NOT - i repeat- NOT even a  part of the regular DC continuity (which has Superman walking - literally - across America to keep in touch with his countrymen). But if ever it becomes part of the canon, then so be it. Its going to help the character.

Also, the small controversy surrounding this isn't gonna hurt either, I think. It may even boost comic book sales - especially the Superman titled ones. Marketing, my friends. Controversy creates cash.

Makes me think if this how they are going to present Superman in the upcoming 2012 film. Remember, Goyer is part of that. Interesting. We'll see what happens next.

I guess its time for me to start reading Superman: The Black Ring (which collects Action Comics #890-895) to get myself updated before jumping to this 96-page spectacular which also includes works from Superman The Movie director Richard Donner, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, covers from acclaimed comic book artists Alex Ross, David Finch and Adam Hughes (my favorites) and finally a continuation of the impressive Reign of Doomsday crossover that I've been following lately. 

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