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Monday, April 11, 2011

Smallville Finale Teaser - Will Clark Wear The Suit?

Just found this video off of Youtube and it looks like a teaser for the Smallville finale. Only 17 seconds, but it got me pretty excited about the ending of the 10-year superhero TV series. Why? Click on the play button and listen closely.

Familiar tune isn't it? 

With that said, I think that Tom Welling will wear the suit in the closing moments of the finale. While that might be a sucker because fans will only get to see the iconic red and blue tights in action for a couple of minutes (or seconds maybe), that's still a nice reward to all the loyal fans (including yours truly) of the show who stuck through its 10 season span.

How about you guys? Yay or Nay? Post your comments below or join the poll (top right hand corner of the site). 

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