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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Time for something that is not comic book related. Quick thoughts here. 

I know that some men and women are attracted to the members of the opposite sex who are taken: whether they are married or they have girlfriend/boyfriend. It's just the way it is right? I mean, we get attracted to things that we cannot have and sometimes our shitty thinking kicks-in, and we do stupid things. I know that.

I've got this friend of mine, she's a girl, and she's kind of fucked up in the head because she is sleeping around with this asshole who's already married and has a fuckin' kid. Now my friends tells us (yeah she tells my other friends too) that the guy loves her and that he's good of a man and all that crap... (yeah I bet he's got a fucking big of a dick that's why my friend can't stay away from him). yada yada yada... I mean, its bullshit and she's falling for those words. We've kept telling her that it is wrong and to think of the consequences if the legit wife finds out. We told her to STOP and END it. But she won't. All she says is that they love each other.

Love? Is that how the way it works? Really? The guy is a big douchebag, is a liar, a piece of shit and all but my friend still stays with him waiting for some fairytale ending. I don't know what to say anymore and its just giving me the fits when I think how stupid this whole thing is.

What I don't understand is this:

There are almost 100 billion people in the world, and out of all the SINGLE men/dicks out there, why stick with a fucking married guy? Isn't that so stupid? Why make things complicated? I just can't understand the logic behind it. Can somebody explain it to me?


  1. "There are almost 100 billion people in the world, and out of all the SINGLE men/dicks out there, why stick with a fucking married guy?"
    Answer: because none of those 100 billion people is the person you want.

    the thing with us women is, we don't use our heads when it comes to love and that's a sad sad truth. masochista kami kesa sa inyong mga lalaki (LOL). kidding aside, that's just how we are, the only one who could stop your friend from seeing the guy is the guy in question. if he decides that it's over, dun lang siya matatauhan. sad isn't it? but that's the truth.

  2. its really fucking sad. if only women would empower themselves and their vaginas, mababawasan siguro ang mga douchebags at cheaters. but thanks for the input.

    by the way is this from personal experience? LOL just kidding dear.

  3. para ka naman yung isa kong friend, nag-comment din ako sa post nya na parang ganito ang tema, ang tanong din kung nakaka-relate ako, ganun ba talaga yun? kainis much. (LOL)