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Friday, April 15, 2011

Penthouse Comic Art by Adam Hughes [May Contain NSFW]

Comic artist Adam Hughes draws the most stunning women in the whole superhero universe. He's got a knack for that "pin-up" style of illustrating the woman anatomy that would make you drool. He's done Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Power Girl etc, and they're the most beautiful renditions I have ever seen. Period. And he just keeps on getting better. 

Little did I know though that during his early years as an artist, he worked for the now-extinct Penthouse Comix. I'm pretty sure what Penthouse is all about so we're gonna leave it at that. Now I Googled some of his early works with the aforementioned company and found some of splash pages which showcases his very distinctive art style that is recognized by comic book readers all over the world. 

Yes, they are sleazy, and some of it are x-rated. I'm pretty sure Adam regrets spending his time doing these stuff before, but hey - these are still good pieces of rare art from him. Just shows to show that even as a beginner, Adam is already the artist-extraordinaire who will eventually be one of the most sought-after comic book artists of our era. And I still love AH after seeing these. I probably liked him even more. 

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