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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Super Workstation...

So I'm back to work now and before I get to start pounding my telephone and keyboard keys away, I just want you to see what my workstation looks like:

Yeah I'm a sucker for everything Superman so obviously you will see that I have these super-stuff planted all over my desk. Makes my life a little bit colorful/awesome at the office 

From left to right: I've got my Superman-themed mug which I use everyday of course, a Superman Returns action figure (which are both given to me by my girlfriend... and yes its fucking sweet) then finally, an old copy of DC's animated film Superman/Doosmday which was given to me by my cousin who is also a big big Superman fan. 

I know its not much compared to other collector's stuff, but these are really special to me, mainly because they were given by the people closest to my heart. 

Go check out the full sized photos of my stuff after the cut.

This is my first ever Supes action figure.
 Given by my girlfriend on our first monthsary. That makes this 10x super awesome.
Front view. This guy looks ready to kick-ass with those red eyes. 

My super-mug! Bought by my girlfriend too.
Makes me feel super whenever I'm drinking my favorite coffee mix in it.

Pretty old VCD of the famous Supes animated flick. Got some coffee stains there. Haha.

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