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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Iron Man "Mark 2 Armor" Action Figure From Hot Toys

If you watched Iron Man 2, you definitely remember that scene where Rhodey gets the unused Mark 2 suit and then goes on to get it toe to toe with a drunk Tony Stark who's wearing the red-and-gold armor, right? 

Guess what, Hot Toys has that same silver armor in the movies that you can now take to your home, disassemble it (yes, just like what they did in the flick) to see the nerve-wracking details of the armor, and then show it off to your friends who would drool in envy once they see the wonderful piece of Iron Man badassery you have in your hands:

Holy crap. That's one hell of a toy right there. Damn, that's so cool!

Check it out at TOYSREVIL.

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