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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool 2D Illustrations From CGHub Featuring Your Favorite Marvel Characters

Alright guys, more stunning art from great talent at CGHub. Check out the website for a lot of great art that ranges from regular 2D, digital 2D, 3D, and sculptures! 

For the meantime, here are some of the finds that I really liked the most while browsing. You'll get to see Wolverine, Thanos, Juggernaut, Spiderman and two awesome Daredevil and X-Men panoramas that you would die to get on your wall! Some made by unknown artists and some made by the pros. But all of them are stunningly bad-ass. 

More pictures after the cut. 

[Click on the images for their full sizes.]

Daredevil Noir by Jose Antonio Lopez
Storm by Eduardo Schaal

Venom / Spiderman by Randis

Thanos by Alex Garner

Wolverine by Levi Hoffmeier

Juggernaut by Cristian Giraldes

X-Men panorama by SIXMOREVODKA

Daredevil panorama by SIXMOREVODKA

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