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Thursday, April 21, 2011

If its too good to be true...

... its not EFFIN' true.

That's my personal motto for a year now and I really believe that everybody should be watchful of things that are too impossibly good to be real. You know - to avoid getting screwed, just in case.

Its like Superman (and any superhero nowadays for that matter) dying in 1994: everybody cries, gets blown away and mourns like a family member just died because they think "he's dead! he's never gonna come back!" People buy millions of the "Death of Superman" issue and sparks a comic book boom in the 90s....  

.. then suddenly after a couple of fake Supermen coming in to the scene.. he (the real one) comes back flying with a mullet (yes, a fucking mullet) and goes:

 "Hello guys, I'm not really dead! I'm the goddamn Superman for pete's sakes! Hahahaha, screw you all!"

Comic books, people. They can screw you pretty well too. 

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