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Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Ramblings: More On 2012 Superman... British Actors... Lex Luthor.... Wrestling Re-Runs.... Work... etc

So there's a new Superman in town and his name is Henry Cavill. A little bit disappointed about Brandon Routh not getting the role again because he was a pretty good Big Blue, but we just have to wait and see about this new hairy-chested, heavily bearded guy has to offer.

Here's a recent Facebook post from my friend regarding Cavill being cast as Supes:

"A Brit actor playing an American hero? pfft."

and a comment from one ComicVine forumer:

"Truth, justice and the British way". 

I understand the sarcasm, but don't forget folks that Christian "Batman" Bale is also British. And you gotta admit, UK has produced some of the finest actors and actresses in recent memory.

By the way a little bit of factoid: Andrew "The New Spiderman" Garfield is also part Brit. You gotta love this little "British invasion" that we got here - if we can call it like that.


Still on Superman 2012. I just realized that Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns didn't have a single scene where the Man of Steel actually punches something. Don't believe me? Watch the whole movie again. I have seen it multiple times already and there is definitely none.  Probably one of the biggest reasons why the movie wasn't that big of a deal. Hopefully Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder would change that and give us the chance to finally see our hero beat the hell out of something/someone with rapid-fast punching. That would be AWESOME.


And please, NO LEX LUTHOR.  We have seen the bald guy as the villain since 1978 and aren't we tired already? I know I am. I really think that this is the time for them to pick a different character in Superman's rogues gallery. It could be a robot, one of the Fourth World Gods, or even an alien. Doesn't matter as long as its not Luthor. Trust me, it will work wonders.

Its one of  the main reasons why the most recent Superman: Earth One comic book clicked. It had an all original alien villain that looked like The Crow/Sting (the wrestler) flying all over the place destroying Earth as our hesitant Man of Steel watches in horror. And it was just a refreshing thing to see! It may not have been the best villain in Superman lore, but trust me, that helped the comic book sell to the new audience in more ways than one. Team Nolan can take a thing or two from that.


Been watching wrestling (mainly WWF and WCW) re runs on Youtube since last year. Why? Because all the stuff that I see on TV now are all crap. Crappy storylines and horrible promos. Boring shows. Hell, it had fallen into disgrace already in my opinion. 

I miss the good ol days of pro wrestling during the early 90's to the beginning of the 2000s. It was a great time to be a wrestling fan. Everything was worth your every dime. Now, you pay for crap. 

Thank God that we have the internet and YT to relieve all the great memories.


Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is fantastic! Cool costumes, good production values and great sex. Lexi Belle and Tori Black had amazing performances as always and man, I won't tell you any of the tawdry details but you should definitely pick this one up and watch it with your girlfriend (or boyfriend if you are a girl)! Woohoo!!!


The month of January is closing, February is quickly dawning on us, and it was a very very slow start for the computer business. In turn, I've got nothing to do at the office except to watch videos, surf the internet and update my blog. Yep, that's right. I'm being paid to do almost nothing at work. Hah, how do you like that?


  1. i saw cavill's photos and the first thing i noticed was his square jaw (lol). i guess they want the new superman looking the part. hmm... to me he's okay, gwapo naman siya hehe...

    i don't want to judge him yet and by the way i am not really bothered about the idea that he's british. so what if he is? as long as he could play the role well, his nationality shouldn' be an issue. magre-react lang siguro ako if they pick a black guy or an asian to play superman, not that i'm being racist, it's just that superman is created as a white boy.

  2. atta girl! same sentiments. and the square jaw is a lock. plus he's kind of hairy too - i remember Superman being a hairy chested guy in the comics back in the 1980s comics.

  3. I can wait for the dvd and rent it on redbox. It's the same old story told over and over. His origin, as if we didn't already know. And Lex Luther AGAIN! BORING!