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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cool "Animated" X-Men, Avengers, and DC Art from Marcio Takara

I'm not reading comic books lately so I'm on the hunt again for some of the finest works of art on Deviant. 

This time we have Brazilian comic book artist Marcio Takara, who according to his official website - has been working with illustrations, character design and graphic design since 2000. He also did comicbook work for companies like Marvel Comics (SpiderMan & Fantastic Four: Hard Choices), Chimaera (Consortium of Justice), Image Comics (Dynamo5) and Boom! Studios (The Incredibles). 

I frankly like his style - like its really made for animation shows that we see on TV. And to be honest, I have never seen such a clean and fine style of drawing like he has. How come animation studios don't get this guy to do their flicks? This guy is absolutely fit for that in my opinion, and its a shame that we are not seeing his illustrations come alive - literally - on our TV sets.

Anyway, check out more of my favorites from his deviantArt page featuring our guys from Marvel and DC.

Click to enlarge the images


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