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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Favorite On-Going Comic Book Titles

I usually chunk on graphic novels that have already ended years ago, classics such as V for Vendetta, All-Star Superman, We3, Batman: The Killing Joke to name a few - mainly because they are easier to read - in the sense that you can get them already collected as a single book and read them right away without having to wait for months (or even years) for the next issue unlike monthly (or bi-monthly) on-going series.

But I've got a 3 titles that I'm following right now and keep an eye on whenever have my spare time. Here's a rundown::

Superman Monthly

I know. The current "Grounded" storyline by J. Michael Straczynski sucks and even when he already left the project, it still... STINKS. Right now its on #708th issue (which I was able to read yesterday) which is written by Chris Robertson. I have to say that a change for a writer definitely removed some of that bad taste that I and a lot of Superman fans were getting from the previous issues. With that, I have hopes now that Chris can turn this series around and make it all "Super" again. 

And no matter what other's say or no matter how the storylines suck, I'm still staying behind this one. I'm such a sucker for everthing Superman. 

Written (now) by Chris Robertson; Art by various artists

The Walking Dead

Definitely one of the best series out there today. I actually started right from issue # 1 a year ago and was able to catch up in a month. The latest issue #80 is currently out and I'm eagerly waiting for the next issues to hit the shelves so I can say things like "damn", "shucks" "s**t", and other explicit while reading (oops sorry). That's how good this zombie-apocalypse-themed comic book is. 

Its so good that they made a TV adaptation and went on to sign for a second season ready to be aired this October 2011. If that won't make you read this one, I don't know what. Maybe the zombies will. 

Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Charlie Adlard / Cliff Rathburn


My favorite on-going title. Seeing all those lovable fable and folklore characters twisted so good that I can't help but just be entertained. Bill Willingham's writing is amazing, can't even complain with the art and there are a lot of endless possibilities in store for the characters and their storylines.Really, few can argue that this is up there with Vertigo's best titles since Neil Gaiman's Sandman. 

I'm on issue #78 and i've got a couple more issues to tread by before the latest  - Fables #102 which is hitting the stores today. 

Written by Bill Willingham; Art by Mark Buckingham and other artists

So there are my faves. Anything you want to recommend for me? Feel free to drop your comments. 

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