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Monday, February 7, 2011

Creepy Creeps: RoboCop Scenes That I Never Saw When I Was A Kid [Videos]

I'm going back to the 90's - maybe it was 1995 when I first saw the first RoboCop (film) on TV and I thought it was awesome: a  good cop gets murdered and then was resurrected as a humanoid-robot in a full metal suit, upholding the law as a nearly-indestructible cop that gets the bad guys while putting their hands in a cookie jar. Yeah I digged that movie a lot to the point that I totally forgot about how stupid RoboCop looks like when walking so painfully slow (but I was a 10 year old back then, I didn't know better). Oh, I even had one of these Nintendo (we call it the Family Computer) games as well:

I'm a big RoboCop fan growing up as you can see. (by the way image is not mine)

So when I was stumbling on some Youtube clips of the movie, I totally realized that the movie was so creepy when I look back because of its over the top gore and violence that for some reason I missed. For example, this famous scene where Detroit cop Alex Murphy gets brutally murdered by a bunch of shotgun wielding goons, which I never ever saw back then. I most likely saw the edited version because I knew (and saw obviously) that he was shot, but not (in my wildest dreams) like this:

Talk about ruining your childhood.  I cringed when I saw this and honestly, I find the idea behind this scene really sickening to the guts.

As if this wasn't enough, we get to see RoboCop (this time in RoboCop 2) being teared up to pieces then thrown into the streets like some garbage. And if you look at his helpless face (which really creeps me out whenever I see it), it just makes it even more disturbing. (I think I saw this by the way... I think):

RoboCop getting stripped (embed is disabled so sorry you have to click on the link to see).

No doubt why I was covering my eyes whenever there's a scene with RoboCop without the frigging helmet. 

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