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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Made For Primetime TV: The Art of Corey Smith

Its really bad day for me here at work, and after all the B.S today I'm glad I'm still able to find something to be happy about: ART.

ComicsAlliance has this 'Best Art Ever' feature every week - where they showcase some of the most amazing works of art we can ever find on the internet. And I think that's what separates them from other sites, because they just make me drool and appreciate such works.

Today they have this guy Corey Smith from New Zealand who goes by the handle CS-HOWLER on deviantArt - and if you check out this portfolio here, you will find familiar comic book characters drawn like they are ready for a primetime TV slot. 

Which brings me to a comparison: I featured Marcio Takara's works before here too which almost has the same style - animated TV style with a more cartoonish feel to it, and i can't help but compare that to the works of of this NewZealander guy.

My verdict? CS-HOWLER wins. Just check out this Batman version of his:

Looks bad-ass? Wait till you see some of my favorites from his portfolio after clicking on the jump. Don't forget to visit his page. (link above) 

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