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Monday, February 21, 2011


Kind of busy nowadays because of the uber-multitasking sessions here at work. I guess the boss figured out that we've got so much freaking idle time so he found a way to stick our asses on our chairs and fingers typing on our keyboards for the whole day. 

I'm finding it really hard to blog in this situation right now, so forgive me friends for not posting frequently unlike before, but I'll make sure I will post something every now and then - maybe during my lunch breaks...

I feel like The Flash, typing at 100 words per minute while answering to phone and email queries, just doing almost EVERYTHING ALL AT THE SAME TIME, and its almost exhausting like when you're running at full speed. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy going round and round all these stuff. Good thing I won't get obliterated like what happened to The Flash back in 1985 (Crisis on Infinite Earths).

What a tragic way to die. Running non stop until your body gives up on its own.

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