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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 DC Reboot: Possible New Costumes And Covers For Superman #1, Supergirl #1 & Superboy #1

I have been waiting for what DC has to say for the  Superman family of books, but I'm most intrigued on what Superman (Kal-El), Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and Superboy (Conner Kent) is gonna look like since everybody is getting their own costume changes.

Well folks, Bleeding cool has a scoop on all the costume hoopla and they believe that the following pictures are the covers for the new #1 titles that DC is going to release for the three Kryptonians.

Fasten your seatbelts folks... because what are you going to see is not what you are expecting.

The images and some comments after the jump. 

Let's start with the pretty decent one. Supergirl's new look:

cover to Supergirl #1 (according to Bleeding Cool is done by M. Asrar)

Okay. This is pretty decent costume. Here's what i noticed:

  • Anime-influenced look - especially with the hairstyle
  • The cape forming a collar down her neck (which makes her look like a bit of a sorceress)
  • Seams on her suit that suggests that its made up of multiple pieces of armor, and then...
  • Those knee-showing robot-like boots that is partnered with what might be "white leggings"

So gone is the skirt and panties. I'm pretty cool with it.

Now let's check out Superboy #1:

Superboy #1 is to be written by Scott Lobdell

Eeek. Not what I expected. I'm sure, neither do you.

He looks like Cyborg Superman even before he was complete. I don't know what to say, except that its waaaayyyy  different from what he looks on the cover of Teen Titans #1

And that sets up our final image:

The NEW look and cover for Superman #1 by George Perez (according to BC):

I'm gonna be honest here: THIS NEW COSTUME IS AWFUL. Can't believe George can't still make Supes costume any better after all these years.

  • there is the possible armor plate on his chest, as suggested by the lines on the suit
  • a red belt with the El crest (no more yellow belts)
  • no red underpants
  • armored boots with possible metallic kneecaps
  • bigger "S" shield, going for the more traditional than the Jim Lee version, and finally...
  • a more youthful look for Supes, which kind of reminded me of a certain... Superboy-Prime

I'm all for opting with the Batman-like armor composition, but this illustration is certainly not the Superman I was looking for. Those kneecaps don't make any damn sense at all.

I would choose Shane Davis' Earth One version of the costume, or hell, even the old one with the red underpants that Christopher Reeve used to wear - over this.

DC, do us fans a favor:  please revise Superman's costume before its too fucking late.

How about you guys? What do you think of these images? Yay or nay? Feel free to comment.


  1. why does superman need armor? he's superman

  2. that's a good question Brother. I'm pretty sure DC has a good answer for that. from what I've read, they say that the evolution of Superman's costume from the tee shirt and jeans to the kryptonian armor will be explained in the new Action Comics series.

    Thanks for posting!