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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 DC Reboot: Legionnaires Lost and Divided In New #1 Titles

An update of my first post this morning from the The Source.

My all time favorite time traveling team Legion of Superheroes will be divided in to two groups with each getting their own separate titles and adventures:

  • Legion Lost #1 will see seven Legionnaires traveling into the present time trying to prevent a catastrophic event that could possibly destroy the future. Writing duties will be handled by Fabian Nicieza while the art by Pete Woods.

Cover to Legion Lost #1:

If you loved Woods' work with Paul Cornell with Lex Luthor's saga in Action Comics, then you definitely have to get this.

  • While Paul Levitz  and Francis Portela will handle the remaining Legionnaires in  the 31st century in Legion of Superheroes #1 who are trying to stay alive together with their newest members against forces that they never thought they had to face.

Cover to Legion of Superheroes #1:

Stay tuned for more titled will be unveiled in the following days. The change is just beginning.

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