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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Death Of "Ultimate" Spider-Man

"You did good, kid" - Uncle Ben to Peter
I think this is pretty much all over the news now and every other comic book related site that I have visited.

Peter Parker is going to die tomorrow and meet his maker in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. 

I truly believe that nobody dies in the comic books for a very long time - but based from the images that USA Today released a couple of hours ago - it looks like Marvel and Brian Michael Bendis is doing it FOR REAL this time around.

And I believe that they will really kill him... for good. Its the Ultimate Universe anyway.

I'm sure to read this "monumental" moment in Spider-Man's history. Be sure that you do too.

P.S - That image showing Peter finally meeting Uncle Ben? It breaks my heart yet I love it. Powerful stuff.

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