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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hero Spotlight: Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Real Name: Harold "Hal" Jordan

Birthday: February 20th

Place of Birth: Coast City, California

Parents: Martin Jordan (Father), Jessica Jordan (Mother)

Height: "6'0

Occupation: Test Pilot and Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814

Affiliations: GL Corps, Justice Society of America

First Appearance: Showcase #22 - October 1959

Created by: John Broone and Gil Kane

  • He is the first ever human to join the Green Lantern Corps - an intergalactic space police force created by the immortal Guardians of Oa to protect the universe from any dangerous threats.

  •  Possesses a Green Lantern Power Ring that is often called as "the most powerful weapon in the universe" which relies on the bearer's willpower to create any powerful construct imaginable. Also grants its wearer a GL uniform, a life force field and the ability to fly - among others

  • He became the supervillain "Parallax" in a 1994 story "Emerald Twilight."

  • Also became the host of "God's Avatar of Vengeance" - The Spectre after sacrificing his life to save Earth in the 1996 crossover titled "The Final Night".

  • At one time killed ALL of the Green Lantern Corps when he was "Parallax".

  • In the Amalgam Universe (a collaboration between DC and Marvel comics) , Hal Jordan merged with Tony Stark (Iron Man), thus becoming "The Iron Lantern".

  • Hal is probably is most popular character to ever bear the "Green Lantern" name and is hailed by many as The Greatest Green Lantern of All Time.

  • His love interest is Carol Ferris, owner of Ferris Aircraft where he works as a pilot and therefore, his boss.

  • As a kid, Hal had to face his greatest fears when his dad died in a plane crash. He is also often described as a hard-headed and fearless man who isn't afraid to take risks. His ability to overcome great fear was the reason why he was selected by a dying Abin Sur's ring to become the next Green Lantern.

      • The only superhero and member of the Justice League of America who doesn't put up with Batman's "my way or the highway" crap.

       Notable Quotes:

      "In brightest day... in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power -- Green Lantern's light! "

      "Stow the high school angst, Batman -- nobody's buying it."

      "I've always done what I truly believed was right. At first, people called me a hero for it... and then a villain. As the memory of what I've done -- and been -- fades, I hope I will be seen... in a different light"

      "Yellow. Gotta... remember that.."  

       "What am I now? A green fire. A flash of light. A blast of force. What am I? The power. Am I afraid? Yes. But the fear doesn't matter now."

      Recommended Reading:

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