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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preview Of Mark Millar & Leinil Yu's SuperCrooks

What if all the super-villains in America go to a place where there are no superheroes?

That's the basic premise of Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's upcoming project titled SuperCrooks - which bears similarities to the obvious concept of Kick-Ass.  Here's the a snippet of CBR's interview with Millar: 

"So a bunch of supervillains head for Spain for one last job, for a heist. And I love heist movies – I’ve always wanted to do a ‘men on a mission’ story with supervillains. So the idea is a bunch of super-villains get together to pull off one last job; the biggest job of their career."

The comic book will be set in Spain for a more exotic feel according to Millar, and from his description, SuperCrooks will be something like "The Italian Job" meets "Kick-Ass" meets "Superior" (mainly because one of the characters look like Tad Scott).  Here's some of the preview sketches from Yu (courtesy of CBR): 

This looks like another good comic book series, but hopefully Millar and Yu will be able to finish their pending projects first as soon as possible, mainly Superior - because after 4 issues and an insanely good monkey cliffhanger, we're all left hanging in the air waiting for any word on when the #5 will be released. 

I could say the same thing for Kick-Ass 2.


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