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Friday, June 17, 2011

Nostalgia Bytes: Remembering Captain America's Final Justice

Back when I was addicted to the first Playstation, one of my favorite games was Marvel vs Capcom 2. The game has it all: you can get to build a team of all your favorite super-heroes and characters and pit it against the AI's (artificial intelligence) team or even better, play it against your friend's own and see who is better. Then you can talk trash everytime you win, which was always the best part (admit it). 

I always used Captain America in every team that I had mainly because he is such a bad-ass character that has three of the best (arguably) moves in the game. There's the Hyper Charging Star (which is basically Cap charging behind a flaming shield), Stars and Stripes (which is a "Shoryuken"-type shield uppercut) and finally, my favorite super move of all: Final Justice - a move which can sometimes cheat a counter-team combo and the only move that can hurt a familiar Kryptonian. Seriously. Watch.

                 Remember Action Comics #900? Captain America didn't like that.

In short, Cap doesn't give a fuck. He doesn't play cute and he will kick your butt and ram your head to the floor until it explodes like a grenade. Plus, he always WINS the war for his team in the with the ultimate swag using Final Justice. Iron Man and Thor don't even come close. Here's an example:

                                                  Final Justice FTW!!!

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