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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 DC Reboot: George Perez Reported To Be Doing Superman #1... Superman/Batman Writers To Take On Supergirl

Time for some news for my favorite Kryptonian and his cousin.

According to Bleeding Cool, Superman/Batman writers Mike Johnson and collaborator Mike Green is going to write the new Supergirl #1. 

I think that's fine with me considering Johnson's credentials:  he co-wrote the script for the upcoming Green Lantern movie and also produced some early episodes for Smallville.

But I cannot help but wonder what the new version of Kara Zor-El will look like. Are they going to remove the skirt and panties and make her wear trousers like the most recent version of Wonder Woman?

Then the man who was responsible for the amazing detailed art for the original Crisis [on Infinite Earths] in 1985 and the intercompany crossover JLA/Avengers (which was pretty bad-ass) in 2004 is back for DC comics and he is reported to be writing and illustrating Superman #1.

Yes, the legendary George Perez could possibly be taking the Man of Steel to new heights - but as of this moment, no other information about the story  is released. We would have to wait for that.

But I'm really thrilled to hear this news (if this is finalized). Perez is not a stranger to comic book writing and I'm sure that he's got some great ideas for all loyal Supes fans like me. And I'm pretty sure that he will redesign the iconic costume too - most likely, it will be without the red underwear that Superman used for wear for 70+ years - not to mention that he looks like to have developed a new and improved art style.

As for Lois and Clark's relationship, I think its going to rebooted as well. That means they didn't ever get to know each other and they weren't married at all - as hinted in the recent Flashpoint # 2 comic book  - where Steve Trevor mentioned to Queen Diana that Lois Lane is actually a sleeper agent for Cyborg's group, while Superman himself is unknown to the whole world (as mentioned in Flashpoint #1).

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