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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Green Lantern" Not So Bright According To Early Reviews

Martin Campbell's "Green Lantern" is one of the most anticipated comic book film adaptations of 2010. No doubt. With films that star DC Comics' more popular characters like Superman and Batman grabbing millions of dollars and sometimes, garnering critical acclaim from top film critics, GL is expected by many to rise up to the occasion and be that vehicle that would put the title character to prominence, and at least keep DC "in the hunt" with rival Marvel when it comes to superhero flicks.

So far I'm seeing few good reviews for this film. Rotten Tomatoes has GL rated at 29% , 4 fresh "reviews" against 10 "rotten" reviews - admittedly, a very slow start. Now, here's what the critics has to say, starting with the bad ones:

Campbell's ADD style privileges spectacle over story -- so much so that the film never rewards the viewer for even trying to keep track of what is going on.
Karina Longworth, Village Voice

Suffers from a terminal case of origin-osis, the disease that infects super-hero movies forced to explain a character's origin.
Marshall Fine, Hollywood &Fine 

There's sure to be someone out there in the cosmos who enjoys this take on Green Lantern--small children and those without overly-critical tastes in entertainment--but it just fails on so many levels, both as a movie and as a comics adaptation, that it's easily one of the bigger disappointments of the summer.
Edward Douglas,

Okay let's see the more positive ones:

Serves up all the requisite elements with enough self-deprecating humor to suggest it doesn't take itself too seriously.
Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter 

Green Lantern is, more so than most, an accurate representation of [the comic book] artform: brisk, enjoyable and, like a 30-page single issue, ephemeral.
Jordan Hoffman, UGO

It's a comic-book cocktail for happy hour, a shot of quick-release gratification designed to give you a buzz from a top shelf of generic brands.
Elliot Noble, Sky Movies

Alright, so from what I've read from various reviews, GL is based from Geoff Johns' and Ivan Reis' seven-issue mini series Green Lantern: Secret Origin, and truth be told, I wasn't surprised at all. I actually anticipated that it will be very much like that particular comic book story (which was very well done by Johns and Reis), so I think I already know the whole gist of the film. Based on these reviews too, its safe to say that GL is looking more like of a  hit or miss / love it or hate it film, depending on who's watching it.

I don't usually rely with critic reviews because they are bull---- often times than not, so I still have high hopes for GL despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews.

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