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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Face-Off: Frank Quitely's Alan Moore & Louie Joyce's Frank Miller

Two of comics' most celebrated creators get their own title/typefaces.

Click image to enlarge, and try to spot the hidden messages on his beard.

Alan Moore might not be the nicest person around, but there is not doubt that he has done a lot to revolutionize the industry through his masterful writing skills and though-provoking stories, making him arguably "The Greatest Comic Book Writer Of All Time". Frank Quitely captured his presence perfectly with this sketch.

Check out Moore's mighty beard. It says a lot. See if you can find them.

Click for biggie. Its amazing to see all these words forming a human face.

Frank Miller is known for his works in the 80's such as the black-and-white crime-noir novel Sin City, 300, and the popular The Dark Knight Returns and sparked a trend in the comic book industry that pointed towards more mature and "dark" storylines partnered with  more aggressive and provocative imagery and dialogue. Here Louie Joyce created an astonishing Miller portrait made up of some of his titles and quotes from his works. 

I bet you already saw the infamous "Goddamn Batman" line even before you read this.

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