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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 DC Reboot: The Future Of Power Girl... Harras & Berganza Answers Questions On DC Revamp [LINK]

Here's a snippet of an interview conducted by Sara "Babs" Lima for ComicVine with DC Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras  and Executive Editor Eddie Berganza concerning the status of Power Girl in the newly revamped DC Universe:

CV: Will we be seeing Power Girl in the future?

Bob: Yeah, she'll be around. 

CV: But not in her own title?

Bob: No, she won't have her own #1 title, but Karen Starr will appear in one of the 52 titles.

Power Girl #14 cover
This is what I was afraid of. Just when I thought that Peej would have that chance to breakout from obscurity (and the stereotype of being just a "cheesecake heroine with big boobs"),  DC reboots and walla!!! No more Peegee .

I truly enjoyed that series to be honest and it was one of the monthly books I was looking forward to read, and now its gone for good. Peej is back to being a supporting character... again.

Head over to ComicVine for the full interview where Bob and Eddie answer more questions regarding the reboot decision, the future of Action Comics, Batman, Lois Lane and Superman's relationship and more. 

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