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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Misty Cosplayer Ever

I'm not a fan of Pokemon but I do know the TV show and the trading card game that is wildly popular. I also know that there are MANY cosplayers in the world who has given their best Misty impersonation - from the yellow top, short shorts/skirt, to the suspenders, and the hairstyle - and they are pretty good.

But this girl below my friends, is probably the bustiest best Misty cosplayer EVER. 

Bar none. Case closed.

That Pikachu is sooooo cute!

[via Google Images, who happens to be a great in ranking the bustiest best out there]


  1. if memory serves me right misty doesn't have boobs like these LOL.

  2. I know. And that's what makes this AWESOME. haha