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Friday, June 10, 2011

Need A Mustache? Shamus Beyale's Marvel Facial Hair Styles Might Help You

Male superheroes not only teach us how to get the hottest chicks and how to kick-some villain asses. Apparently, they also tell us a thing or two about grooming if we just look, which concerns the most ignored part of the male facial anatomy:

The beard. Mustache. Facial hair. Whatever you wanna call it. 

The Doctor and his Nurse.
And a lot of us actually don't pay attention to keeping it real cool and stylish, but don't fret - Shamus Beyale has done us a favor by making a sort of list of the coolest facial hairs in the Marvel Universe

My favorites are Tony Stark's and Dr. Strange's.  Their mustaches and beards rock, and it helps them in their sexual conquests. 

For example, Dr. Strange has the hot Night Nurse as his f**k buddy for years now, and Tony's probably bedded half of the Marvel heroines from the likes of Black Widow, The Wasp, Pepper Potts, Madame Masque and even She-Hulk! Now, who doesn't want to have that Stark beard huh?

I told you, Shulkie and Iron Man did it!
But that doesn't mean having a Volstagg-like facial hair won't work. Some chicks have a fetish for that.

So with that said, check it out the Beyale's art after the jump, and be careful on choosing the style you want. It can either make it or break it with the ladies.

Can anybody tell me who in the comics sports The Dumdum?


  1. Dum Dum Dugan, he's one of the Howlin' Commandos

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