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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Toys Previews Their James Franco-Inspired "Spider Man 3 New Goblin" Action Figure *UPDATED*

James Franco fans will be delighted as Hot Toys released these photos of their upcoming 1/6 action figure scale of the actor appearing as New Goblin based from his role in SpiderMan 3.

And just like their Superman action figure, the Hong-Kong based company is including tons of other accessories that would make this beast of a "toy" more deadly:
  • a pair of hands each holding a sword and a pumpkin bomb;
  • a pair of forearm armor weapons;
  • full costume as seen in the film;
  • a switchable head with a mask and glasses;
  • three assorted swords and a set of pumpkin bombs;
  • a sword pocket and sheath; and
  • a light up function stand and a figurine stand with nameplate and film logo

That's a lot of accessories right there. Really impressive. But what's more impressive is how they got Franco's face dead-on.

Check out more of the exclusive pictures of this toy after the cut.

Update: You can now pre-order this amazing figurine for $169.99 via Sideshow Collectibles. Take one yours home!

[via images Tomopop]


  1. jules, i have posted the link above via sideshow collectibles so you and other fans can pre order the thing. ;)


    thanks for dropping by!