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Friday, November 5, 2010

Time for some Walking Dead!

I know there's already a hit TV series under the same title, so I thought before watching it, why don't I read the comic book itself? I heard a lot about this graphic novel and maybe its time for me to grab those copies, drown myself with some zombies, and see what the fuss is all about.

Currently read issues 1-10 in a span of an hour and a half before going to work. Yeah, i read ten copies that fast, because when you got something this good, you just get hooked and flip the pages till you get to the next issue. (Damn those cliffhanger endings, they just keep you coming back for more. )

And believe me when I say that it is not your ordinary zombie story. It has that George Romero (yeah, the Night of the Living Dead guy) taste, but better.

I've still got 60 or more issues to go, so I may not be doing any comic book reviews this week - unless I remember any of the titles I've read eons ago.


  1. I've stopped reading comics a long time ago, but i am so curious about the walking dead (prolly cuz of the tv series & the fact that i love zombie stories) that i'd probably check this one out. i am taking your word for it.

  2. so far so good. it keeps getting interesting. im gonna hold off for the moment and wait till i finish the whole book. maybe i'll post some download links for you guys. ;)