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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More of The Walking Dead!!! + Links for Issues 1-50

All right, i'm still on my reading journey. Currently finished issue # 30 and the story just gets better and better... Its fucking crazy! I mean, everything is a mess sometimes (and I meant messy in a good way), and then you flip the next page, you get to see something violent and sick. You just won't know what you'll get from this comic, and I effin' love it. 

And I just get to see one of the greatest comic book villains of all time in just 2 issues down the end of number 30. That character is just so damn great. Makes the story more interesting and unpredictable.

For the mean time, I'll grant the request of the people who wanted me to post some links for this great read, and I got 'em! Yey! *claps* Unfortunately, its just issues 1-50 for the mean time since I can't find a collection of issues 51-75 or whatever the last issue number is, but I think these links will do for the moment Thanks to the original scanloaders for their efforts and giving us a FREE effin' read. Woohooo! Enjoy!  

*All files are in .rar file to be sure to download  and install Winrar first to extract them.

*Scanned comic books are in .cbz and cbr files so you would need to download and install Comical to open them. Download it here.

*These copies are purely for ENTERTAINMENT and READING PURPOSES ONLY. Strictly not for sale

The Walking Dead 41-50

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