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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christopher Reeve Immortalized In Hot Toys' Latest "Superman" Action Figure

This could be the most awesome Superman action figure set that I have seen. 

And Hot Toys is bringing us a definite classic back to life in their upcoming release of the said product featuring The Man of Steel himself, molded from the likeness of the quintessential caped wonder of the iconic 1978 film Superman: The Movie: Christopher Reeve.

What an awesome set this is, because not only they made this toy so bad-ass that it looks so eerily real, but the set will also include a pair of three interchangeable hands so Supes can do his camera poses, a special limited edition Kryptonite-necklace that you can hang over the guys' neck just like in the movies, and probably the most impressive of all - an actual Fortress of Solitude stand, diorama-style. 

That's not all. According to the Hong Kong based toy company, a portion of the generated sales from this will be donated to the "Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation" , an institution dedicated to finding innovative ways to cure spinal cord injuries and paralysis, founded by Mr. Reeve himself.

Now THAT is something worth buying for a worthwhile cause and what a way to celebrate the life of the "ultimate" Superman actor.
More shots of the incredible action figure after the cut.

Update: For $209.99 you can again believe that a man can fly by ordering this Superman action figure at Sideshow Collectibles.

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