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Thursday, May 5, 2011

AHa! Happy Birthday Adam Hughes!

How great it is to have a list of birthday celebrants on a specific day by just a flick of a finger. Coolness. 

Superman by Adam Hughes
And today, one of the most talented, respected and in-demand comic book artists in the industry is celebrating his birthday! Adam is one of my favorites and if you have visited by blog before, you would have probably seen many of his works featured here. He's such a great artist and draws women with such complete bad-assery that any man would love to date them (if they were real). Doing pin-ups is his main specialty and because of the time-consuming nature of his style, he doesn't get to do monthly comic books and instead focuses on doing covers for comic book companies such as DC and Marvel. Apart from his regular work, jhe's usually seen as well during conventions doing sketches for fans. 

Sadly, one of his sketches from a recent ComicCon went up for sale on Ebay.  A guy went up to Mr. Hughes pleading and crying for a sketch and of course, Adam being a class act obliged and did it for him. Then lo-and-behold, this prick sells Adam's prized work for more than $400 that the artist charged for. What an ass. As a result, Adam will no longer do commissions at conventions at this price, thus ruining other people's chances of getting a marquee Hughes' portrait during these events. It sucks I know, but I understand Mr. Hughes decision. Its his art. More details on this story at BleedingCool.

For the meantime, I chose a couple of Adam's best renditions featuring the Superman family courtesy of his website and deviantArt account to celebrate him and his remarkable skills. Wishing you all the best in life, Adam. And a big thanks for all the wonderful portraits. 

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