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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marvel Launches 'Ultimate Comics' With Kaare Andrews On The Covers

I'm a big fan of Marvel's Ultimate Imprint line because of its very new reader friendly approach to storytelling that doesn't really care about the main Marvel Universe that contains 40+ years of storyline and character continuity. It started in 2000 with the Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men titles that eventually spawned numerous award-winning titles like The Ultimates (a reimagining of the original Avengers) that was received well by old and new readers alike. But just like any other comic book line that has been going on for more than 5 years, the Ultimate Imprint has showed signs of decline amongst its readers through the years. 

So on its 10th year, Marvel has decided to re-brand its Ultimate line and rename it as 'Ultimate Comics' that would mean a complete overhaul of the imprint and its publications. The main target is to get back old fans that got tired of the old Ultimate stories, and attract new fans who are just starting to get their groove with Marvel. 

New storylines, reinvented character histories (possibly new powers that we had never seen before) and new villains will be showcased in the Ultimate Comics line, and it will kick-start in August with Ultimate Comics Ultimates # 1 and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1; to be followed by Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 in September. 

Below are the 4 covers for the mentioned titles by artist Kaare Andrews:

[images courtesy of Marvel via ComicBookResources]

All covers are looking good, except for Andrew's take on Wolverine. He looks like a retard on that long-sleeved suit. We need to see some animalistic hairs.

And oh, we got the "movie Iron Man" version right there!

Check out more news about the Ultimate Comics line at their official site

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